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All you need to know about ee add ons & how much are ee data add ons

ee data add ons

EE formerly known as everything everywhere is a mobile network service provider and internet service provider based in the UK. It is the 2nd largest mobile network provider in the UK. The ee was established in 2010, it is now currently owned by BT (British Telecom). 

EE add ons how do they work

An ‘add-on’ is a bundle of minutes, texts or data that you can purchase using your debit or credit card or top-up credit. 

Purchasing an ee add-on gives you value for your money. These offers are better and help you save money as compared to that of the standard rates charged without the ee add ons.

They work as soon as you buy them. The types of add on include: data, minutes, texts, roaming, call abroad. 

How to remove add ons ee

In order to remove ee add ons that you have subscribed to, follow these steps:

How long do ee add ons last

When you purchase ee add ons, the add ons will last anytime between 1 to 30 days.

How do I cancel my ee add ons?

You can cancel add ons by simply sending a text to 150 with the add on.  The table shows how tow cancel ee add ons by sending a text along with the type of ee add on

Data add-onText to 150
10GB add-onSTOP 10GB ADD-ON
20GB add-onSTOP 20GB ADD-ON

You can also call customer care on 150 to cancel add ons

Why can’t i buy data add ons ee

If you cannot buy data add ons it can be due to a number of reasons

Some of the reasons can range from the insufficient balance on your credit cards, technical errors and so. You can also call the ee customer care line to help you identify the cause of you not being able to buy ee add ons and fix them

How much do ee data add ons cost

ee data add ons have a different set of prices. Visit this link https://ee.co.uk/content/dam/ee-help/help-pdfs/mobile-broadband-pay-as-you-go-plans-and-add-ons-february.pdf  to know the cost of ee data add ons. You can also check the price of ee data add ons on the app.

How to get rid of fixed add ons ee

How to stop ee add ons

You can stop ee add ons by logging into your ee account either on their website or through the app. Another way of stopping ee add ons is to contact the customer care service

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