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Top 10 Sim deals in the UK

Sim deals in the UK

In the UK, grab a free O2 pay-as-you-go sim (or micro sim if you have an iPhone 4) and pick the Simplicity plan to get free internet (500MB), free texts, and 100 UK minutes for a £15 top-up. You can get internet and messages for £10 if that’s all you need.

Here are the top 10 sim deals you can get in the UK.

Top 10 Sim deals in the UK

1. Three Mobile SIM card

Any unlocked 3G or 4G phone will accept three SIM cards. Three’s unlimited SIMO plan allows you to call, text, and consume as much data as you want, and there are no long-term commitments with its 30-day rolling contract. Three mobile offers a 12 months contract with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. 

How to activate three sim card 

2. Lebara Mobile SIM card

Lebara is a UK-based mobile network operator that caters to budget-conscious customers. Lebara does not offer yearly contracts, however, the network service provider offers unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. Lebara offers a 3-in-1 SIM card that will work on any phone.

3. Giffgaff SIM card

Giffgaff does not offer contracts, however, the network service provider offers unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. A SIM-only plan from Giffgaff provides you with a certain amount of data, minutes, and texts on a single SIM card. Each month, you have the option to alter your plan. Check out free sim deals from Giffgaff here.

4. Vodafone SIM card

Vodafone SIM card offers 30-day bundles of data, plus unlimited minutes and texts. A SIM-only deal gives you an allowance of data, minutes, and texts, all on one SIM card. Vodafone UK offer 12-month and 30-day SIM-only plans and Pay as you go SIMs.

5. SMARTY SIM card

SMARTY is a revolutionary SIM-only mobile network established on the principles of fairness, transparency, and intelligence. SMARTY is a consumer-only service that is exclusively designed for personal use. Hutchison 3G UK Limited trades under the name SMARTY.

6. Plusnet SIM card

Plusnet offers Pay Monthly SIM Only Contracts with 4G Cover and Smart Cap are a terrific bargain. Plus, Plusnet throws in an extra 2GB of data to sweeten the bargain.

7. TalkMobile SIM card

A Talkmobile SIM card will provide you access to the best signal we have in the place you are in at all times of the day, whether it is 2G, 3G, or 4G. There are many reasons to promote Talkmobile plans since they are reasonably priced, flexible, and accessible with no credit checks for SIM alone.

8. Virgin Mobile SIM card

This Virgin Mobile SIM card is perfect for you. Create and manage your own mobile strategy. You just have to pay for what you use. Virgin Media has unbeatable SIM Only plans and offers, with fantastic mobile perks including data rollover, quicker 4G, and excellent coverage.

9. O2 SIM card

Get fantastic O2 sim offers on pay monthly contracts, pay as you go sims, tablets, and dongle data sims, and foreign sims. If you’re traveling around Europe and want to avoid paying roaming fees, these UK O2 PrePay SIM cards are ideal. Calls are 3 pence per minute, texts are 2 pence, and data is 1 pence per megabyte.

10. VOXI SIM card

VOXI is supported by Vodafone’s ultrafast 4G network, which ensures consistent speed and signals whether you’re at home or abroad. For Unlimited Social Media, Calls, Texts, and Roaming, get a Vodafone VOXI SIM Card.

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